York University – Centre for Aboriginal Student Services (CASS)

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The Centre for Aboriginal Student Services (CASS) places Indigenous learners at the centre of our community. Through utilizing the Anishinaabe Medicine Wheel Model in accordance with respect to one’s self-in-relation to family, community, nation, postsecondary education and beyond, CASS is cognizant of fostering an environment that meets the range of needs of our diverse community, while also defining Aboriginal student success as living in balance with one’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realities. It is our endeavour and commitment to foster positive relationships and educational opportunities that cultivate Aboriginal student well-being at York University.

The Centre offers academic and personal counselling, advocacy and referrals to on- and off-campus resources, liaison with First Nation communities and Aboriginal organizations, information about funding and financial assistance opportunities, as well as education and awareness about topics related to Aboriginal peoples and communities.


The Centre for Aboriginal Student Services (CASS) contributes in nourishing a diverse and inclusive Aboriginal community within the broader York University community. We provide a community space that offers culturally appropriate support services and programs with the desire of empowering Aboriginal students with a sense of belonging that further enables their success throughout their post-secondary studies. The Centre for Aboriginal Student Services supports educational initiatives to encourage the awareness, understanding, acceptance and growth of the Aboriginal community on-campus and, as well, to enrich the overall York University community.

The Centre for Aboriginal Student Services is a place where respect serves as the basis for all interactions amongst students, alumni, staff, faculty and visitors of York University. Within this space, visitors and members are welcomed into the community, diversity is celebrated and community building is a collective responsibility.