Wigwamen Incorporated


 Low Income/Subsidized Rental HousingSeniors / Older Adults

Founded in 1972, Wigwamen Incorporated, a non-profit and charitable organization, is Ontario’s oldest and largest urban Aboriginal housing provider. Wigwamen is committed to providing decent, safe and affordable housing to thousands of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal families, singles and seniors.

Housing Locations in Toronto

Wigwamen Terrace at 14 Spadina Road , is an apartment complex of Aboriginal seniors with 103 units. 24 additional units are currently being added.

160 Kenwood Avenue location holds 9 units.

Wigwamen Waabnong at 20 Sewells Road , is an apartment complex for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal households with 92 units ranging in size from bachelor to four-bedroom units.

The 75 Cooperage Street location is a 145 unit apartment complex.

Estorada, at 228 Galloway Road , is a 60 unit apartment building in Northeast Scarborough.

Over 230 family homes scattered throughout Toronto including 6 one-bedroom units, 130 two-bedroom units, and 74 three-bedroom units.

Please visit Wigwamen's website to apply for housing, read newsletters, and learn more.