Wandering Spirit School (First Nations School of Toronto)


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The focus of Wandering Spirit First Nations School is to offer a tradition-based curriculum that meets the requirements set by the Parent Council, the Toronto District School Board and the Ontario Ministry of Education. First Nations Public School is unique in that Native values, spirituality, culture and Ojibwe language are integrated throughout the school curriculum.

The goal is to ensure that urban Native children will have the opportunity to learn about their heritage and the traditional Anishinaabe cultural perspective while acquiring the skills necessary to survive in today`s world. While a large base of the student population of First Nations School is of Anishinaabe ancestry the school welcomes children of all backgrounds.

Currently there are approximately 120 students who attend the First Nations School of Toronto. Students of First Nations School of Toronto enjoy a culturally enriched program that incorporates some of the following programs:

  • Native Second Language program
  • Music: Native traditional singing and drumming
  • Dance and movement: Native tradition
  • Community feasts

    Our school currently serves students from Junior Kindergarten to secondary school grades. While a large base of the FNST student population is of Anishinaabe ancestry, we welcome children of all backgrounds.