Undergraduate Research Assistant at Wapatah Centre for Indigenous Visual Knowledge

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 Undergraduate Research Assistant at Wapatah Centre for Indigenous Visual Knowledge

Job Opportunity by OCAD University

Job type: Part Time Contract


Link to Position on OCAD University's site: https://tre.tbe.taleo.net/tre01/ats/careers/v2/viewRequisition?org=OCADU&cws=37&rid=1865

The Wapatah Centre for Indigenous Visual Knowledge is a hub for facilitating the documentation, communication, and interpretation of Indigenous ways of seeing. Drawing on the inseparable concepts of perception and knowing, Wapatah assists Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists and researchers to collaborate on the engagement with and representation of artistic knowledge. Wapatah highlights the innumerable lenses through which Indigenous people envision the world – whether through artistic production, language, or interaction with the land – using each of these as a research tool to form new questions and concepts about the world. Wapatah promotes Indigenous research and collaboration at multiple scales, through Indigenous-led projects at OCADU and the creation of connections and partnerships at a global level.

We are seeking an Undergraduate Research Assistant (RA) to assist Wapatah Centre staff with the Entangled Gaze research. Working alongside Wapatah team, the RA will apply a high level of critical thinking to advance the compilation and synthesis of research material on new meanings and methods of historical Indigenous and European representations of each other. Preference will be given to Indigenous applicants with lived experience, a strong commitment to Indigenous knowledges, and who have experience in collaborating with Indigenous organizations and/or communities

- Working under the supervision of the Principal Investigator, Dr. Gerald McMaster, Tenured Associate Professor, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences and School of Interdisciplinary Studies, in support of the project’s research goals and objectives
- Compiling and synthesizing new research on the Entangled Gaze and Indigenous artworks from relevant peer-reviewed publications, journals, and source documents
- Gathering web and database content related to Indigenous artworks and collections within the scope of the Entangled Gaze project
- Reviewing existing and new research, correcting and/or expanding the information wherever necessary
- Attending planning or project-specific meetings as required
- Interacting regularly with Dr. Gerald McMaster and Wapatah staff

Hours of Work: 10 hours per week

Work Environment:
Wapatah: Centre for Indigenous Visual Knowledge. 311-205 Richmond Street West, Toronto, Ontario. Please note, this work is expected to be carried out in a remote environment.