Toronto Arts Council



Toronto Arts Council is the City of Toronto’s funding body for artists and arts organizations in Toronto.

Governed by artists, arts workers, arts supporters and civic leaders who are representative of Toronto’s diverse cultural community and artistic practices, Toronto Arts Council:

  • Invests in artistic talent and organizational capacity

  • Creates opportunity for public access, participation and appreciation of art

  • Advocates on behalf of the City’s artists and works to increase public awareness

  • Collaborates through its foundation (Toronto Arts Foundation)

  • Supports cultural diversity and equity in arts creation and presentation

  • The TAC provides support for the Indigenous Arts Projects program. IAP is an annual multi-disciplinary project grant specifically for Indigenous artists, collectives and organizations. The program is designed to increase participation in and access to Toronto Arts Council funding by Indigenous artists, while increasing the creation and presentation of high-quality Indigenous art.

    Please see ‘Programs’ below for more information on the Indigenous Arts Projects.