Samantha Souliere

Artisan Jeweller

Samantha Souliere is a born and raised Torontonian with Anishinaabe and Métis roots stemming from the Georgian Bay area.

After many moons of doing work as a Human Resources Advisor with the federal government and the City of Toronto, Sam recently decided to take a hiatus from the corporate world and explore and expand her entrepreneurial spirit by opening up her own artisan jewellery business entitled Crimp Creations. Sam uses a lot of natural elements in her creations, including porcupine quills, wood, bone, abalone shell and semi-precious stones. She also like to use Swarovski crystals, copper and silver.

“Making jewellery, especially custom-made pieces is both challenging and very enjoyable, and it gives me a sense of pride when a customer is happy with their purchase. I might add, one of the many perks is that I can bypass the nylons, heels and office clothes while making it!” (Samantha Souliere, 2018).

Sam agrees with the old adage that “variety is the spice of life and so is lifelong learning”. She is an avid motorcyclist (cruiser type), boater, fisherwoman, gardener and hunter. She enjoys the beauty of the great outdoors year-round, and in the winter, looks forward to ice-fishing, cross-country skiing and a nice warm fire when the day is over.

Sam enjoys travelling, exploring and just relaxing with her husband, and three sons. She also has a new puppy who brings a lot of adventure to her family home. Quality family time is A1 for Sam!

Although there doesn’t always seem to be enough time in the day, Sam tries to read regularly. She recently finished the last of a Stephen King trilogy called “End of Watch” – “I love a great horror and suspense story”- Sam.

And the $50 million-dollar question: Fry bread or bannock? Yes, to both please, although if I REALLY had to choose, fry bread it is! With butter and jam. And always one piece for each side, to help keep me balanced.