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The Tkaronto Indigenous Peoples Portal (TIPP) is a response to recommendations made by the local urban Indigenous community in Toronto. The feedback over the years has indicated that folks would like a way to access information to services, events, programs, businesses in a centralized way.

  • That Aboriginal organizations develop a cohesive Internet presence which provides streamlined, up-to-date, accurate information on programs and services. This will require a dedicated staff to ensure the information shared is accurate. It will also provide an outlet for those considering moving to Toronto with information to prepare them for the reality of urban life.

Recommendation #35: Toronto Aboriginal Research Project Report, TASSC, 2011

  • “Lack of communication of programs and services. Making sure that information is circulated widely through networks. When I moved here I had no clue what was available or where to find the info.”

Answering the question, ‘What is not working in the community?”

Survey Respondent, TASSC Report Card, 2015

  • “There was consensus that Indigenous service providers need to find better ways to let community members know what services are available. One recommendation was to create an Indigenous services database that connects all Indigenous agency’s websites and the City’s 211 website.”

Economic Wellness Project: Visioning a Liveable City, TASSC, 2017

The vision for the Portal is to connect the urban Indigenous community in Toronto to accurate and timely information that is inclusive and easily accessible. TIPP is intended to celebrate our diverse communities, increase civic engagement, and provide access to relevant research and policy. TIPP will also be a critical resource for all Torontonians and visitors wishing to learn more about, and participate in, our vibrant local culture and diverse communities.