Indigenous Women’s Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening

Women's College Hospital Indigenous Women’s Cancer Screening Program, working in partnership with the Native Canadian Centre of Toronto

Some of the most significant ongoing health disparities in Canada disproportionately affect Indigenous peoples. Indigenous women with breast cancer are more likely to be diagnosed at a later stage of disease and experience higher rates of mortality. They are less likely to access family physicians or specialist care, and are over-represented in emergency room visits.

For many Indigenous patients, experiences of stigma and discrimination steeped in a deeply rooted history of colonization make institutions like hospitals and clinics inaccessible. For others, a lack of a shared language and cultural barriers prevent them from seeking care.

“Women’s College Hospital wants to change that, and to ensure underserved and marginalized populations have access to the care they need,” says Vicky Noguera, Director of Peri-operative Services and Gynecology. “Improving access to early screening is a big part of that.”

Join Women’s College Hospital Indigenous Women’s Cancer Screening Program on either September 13th & 30th; 11:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

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