Indigenous Programs Coordinator & Naturalist Teacher

Job Opportunity by High Park Nature Centre

Job type: Full Time Contract


***This position is for people who identify as Indigenous. All candidates must be registered with Miziwe Biik Aboriginal Employment and Training and working with an Employment Counsellor. If you haven't registered with Miziwe Biik yet, you can still apply to this position. ***

Job Summary:
As Indigenous Programs Coordinator & Naturalist Teacher, the successful candidate will be responsible for overseeing the coordination of some of the High Park Nature Centre’s programs. This position will also actively teach a wide diversity of environmental, outdoor education programs at the Nature Centre, including birthday parties, guides and scouts visits, school programs, family nature walks, nature camps and nature clubs. Coordination tasks may include assisting to develop new events that highlight Indigenous connections to the land in High Park; overseeing OURSpace plantings of native plant species; and if candidate has the knowledge and desire, working with coordinators to revise existing program outlines to ensure Indigenous knowledge and perspectives are presented accurately and respectfully.

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