George Brown College – Indigenous Education and Services


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George Brown College’s Indigenous Education & Services invite you to join our campus community. Our team assists Indigenous students in navigating resources, providing information on college-wide activities, as well as other services such as counselling, cultural teachings and workshops. We equip you with the skills and tools you need to achieve your academic, work and life goals.

We are respectful of Indigenous rights as well as the diversity of Indigenous knowledge, languages and cultures across Canada. We hope that you’ll take the time to visit Indigenous Education & Services in person and learn more about the services we offer.

Indigenous Education & Services include:

  • Counselling (academic, personal, career and traditional with our Knowledge & Wisdom Keeper)
  • Cultural workshops and teachings
  • Community events, including our annual Pow Wow
  • Assistance with applying for bursaries, scholarships and awards
  • Resource materials (books, handouts and pamphlets on Indigenous teachings
  • Access to job postings and employment opportunities
Our Indigenous student study centres are located at both the St. James and Casa Loma campuses. These centres provide Indigenous students with a space to meet, study, access computers and printers, and obtain information on events, bursaries and job postings. To support the strong ties with the Indigenous community, George Brown College formed the Sahkitcheway Indigenous Education Council (IEC)in 1992. Made up of members from the community and the college, the council works within George Brown College on all aspects of Indigenous education.