Employment Assistance Program


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The Employment Assistance Program is to help local community organizations to provide employment services to unemployed persons.

Eligible coordinators can be businesses, organizations, public health and educational institutions, municipal governments and native band councils. The duration of the contracts may last up to 12 weeks.

The Aboriginal Self-Employment Program is to assist unemployed person to become self-employed by starting a viable business. The duration of the project may last up to 12 weeks.

The Advancement Opportunity Program is targeted for both unemployed and employed individuals. Unemployed-this program combines employment, through a wage subsidy, and a training opportunity for an unemployed individual who would like to advance themselves and enhance their skills in their present occupation. Eligible individuals who are unemployed and who have an established field of work and have no opportunity for advancement/employment without additional training and related experience. Employed - this program is most suitable for someone who would consider themselves “underemployed” in their field and would advance themselves through training and additional experience while on the job. Eligible individuals are those who are employed (full or part time) but consider themselves “underemployed” and who would like to advance themselves.