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Dodem Kanonhsa' Elder’s Cultural Facility is a learning and sharing facility which fosters greater acceptance, understanding and harmony between members of First Nations and Non-Aboriginal People. DODEM is Anishinabem (Ojibwe) meaning ‘clan’ and KANONHSA is Kenienkaha (Mohawk) meaning ‘lodge’, and is transcribed in cree syllabics.

The purpose of Dodem Kanonhsa’ is to promote sharing and understanding of Aboriginal Culture and its philosophies. Dodem Kanonhsa is open to both Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal people with the hope that it will benefit intercultural relations, cross cultural communication and understanding. The lodge allows us to continue the tradition, started by our Grandmothers and Grandfathers, of oral teachings. Visiting Elders and Teachers are available throughout the year. During their stay, the Elders and Teachers conduct traditional ceremonies and provide teachings and cultural counselling. The lodge is a place to learn from and speak with our Elders and traditional teachers.

To view upcoming Dodem Kanonhsa’ Open Teachings please visit our website at If you would like to book an appointment or arrange for a group teaching or individual appointment, please contact the Manager at:

Maria Montejo
Program Manager
Dodem Kanonhsa’ Cultural Facility