Council Fire Resolution Health/Cultural Support Program


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Council Fire's Resolution Health/Cultural Support Sector is divided into 5 large programs. A summary of each program is provided below.

Aboriginal Health and Wellbeing Program
A large majority of AHWP members are residential school and intergenerational survivors that appreciate the weekly healing circles. There is also great demand for traditional craft circles, getting back to nature trips and self-care workshops. Additionally, we offer abuse prevention programs for seniors, which provides access to medication, and information on substance and elderly abuse.

Urban Aboriginal Healthy Living Program
UAHLP addresses the high rates of chronic illness in the Aboriginal community through a preventative and integrative approach. Healthy eating, physical fitness, physical recreation, sports (formal or recreational), smoking cessation and youth leadership are central to program planning.

Nutrition, Exercise and Self Expression
Healthy eating teaches about nutrition, weight control and budgeting. These are delivered as a community kitchen model and are part of children and youth initiatives. Healthy Steps is geared towards staff and the community members who join together towards healthy breathing, getting your heart pumping and enjoying the beauty of the outdoor weather. Self-expression through art, is encouraged through a holistic (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) approach to healthy living, which includes nutritional information.

Smoking Cessation
Toronto Public Health Smoking Cessation Department has partnered with Council Fire in counseling and the dispensing of nicotine replacement products to help people quit cigarettes. These (gum and patches) are free of charge.

Youth Leadership
The Youth Leadership program consists of discussing current topics of interest with youth and cooking a snack with them. The program is designed to develop communication and team skills, healthy living, and cultural knowledge of traditional foods and medicines.

Life Long Care Program
LLCP is a program designed to respond to the lifelong care needs of older Aboriginal people who may have limited mobility related to a persistent medical condition or physical disability. Outreach community support services includes: transportation, friendly visiting, congregate dining, food delivery, security reassurance and life skills outreach in the community.

Kizhaay Anishinaabe Niin
Kizhaay Anishinaabe Niin is an Ojibway phrase that translates to “I Am a Kind Man. (KAN) is an initiative created to provide an opportunity for communities and organizations to engage Aboriginal men and youth in understanding violence against Aboriginal women and support them in ending the violence. KAN supports healthy relationships and Aboriginal identities through one-to-one or group-based services, participant-based and public awareness activities, networking and partnership building.

Our programs and services include:
One-to-One Peer Counselling
Service Navigation
Individual Advocacy Support
Justice-Related Individual Supports
Individual and Family Support
Individual Traditional Teachings
Referrals to Other Friendship Centres
One-to-one supports
Group-Based Services
Participant-Based Activities
Networking and Partnership Building
Public Awareness (Broader Community Engagement) Activities

Naandwidizwin – Wechihitita (Healing Ourselves – Helping Each Other)
This project facilitates the immediate, ongoing and long-term healing process for Residential School Survivors and their families residing in Toronto.

Services include but are not limited to: one-on-one counseling; preparation and follow up support for claim hearings; emotional support at Indian Residential School Survivor (IRSS) circles; workshops to raise awareness & healing modalities dealing with the impact of residential schools; community workshops on grief and loss, parenting, cultural awareness.

Weekly Programming may include the following:

Motivational Mondays: We explore the city on local outings to engage in physical activity.

Healing Circle: On Tuesday afternoons the Peer Support Team provides a lunch followed by a three-hour private co-ed healing circle for Indian Residential School Survivors and intergenerational survivors is held. Traditional healing circle and eagle feather protocols are followed and shared with newcomers.

Traditional Arts and Craft Circle: The craft circle is held on Wednesday and Thursday and consists of projects the clients can do on a continual basis. There are sewing machines available for clients to make traditional skirts, pouches and shawls.

Tea Time: The craft circle has an added component on Thursday afternoons. Tea time begins with the protocol of smudge and the eagle feather going around while others continue crafting.