Certificate of Aboriginal Knowledges and Experiences



The Certificate in Aboriginal Knowledges and Experiences is a multidisciplinary exploration, analysis, and reflection on the experiences of Aboriginal peoples in Canada and their relationships with non-Aboriginal peoples. This exploration aims to help develop an understanding of these experiences and relationships from many dimensions: historical, political, social, and arts- and health-related.

This certificate provides a broad orientation to Aboriginal experiences in Canada and how Aboriginal peoples have been impacted by laws, policies, and practices in the health, social services, human resources, and other sectors. Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students, regardless of their academic or professional background, have the opportunity to learn about Aboriginal lived experiences through curriculum from Aboriginal perspectives taught by Aboriginal scholars and experienced community teachers.

Read more about the program and the application process on Ryerson Continuing Education website by clicking in the following link: https://ce-online.ryerson.ca/ce/default.aspx?id=3500