Centre for Indigenous Theatre (CIT)


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The Centre's goal is to develop and implement educational programs that promote and foster an understanding of Indigenous Theatre while providing the highest caliber arts training to Indigenous students from across Canada. The purpose of the program is to develop contemporary performance art from a distinctively Indigenous cultural foundation. The training program springboards from Indigenous culture and contemporary theatre techniques, in such a way that students will receive a uniquely Indigenous beginning to their performance arts careers.

The curriculum integrates training in the areas of acting, voice and movement with Indigenous cultural classes in dance, song and oral history. The program also offers a professional development component, which allows students and working actors to train together, adding a mentoring element to the curriculum. To gain practical performance experience, students are given the opportunity to publicly perform through community showcase events, story creation projects and year-end shows featuring senior students.

Tuition is $3,750.00 (CAD) per year and includes production costs and any special events. Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from Toronto and living expenses in the city while attending the Program.