Apaenmowineen – Having Confidence In Myself Program


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Our Apaenmowineen (Having Confidence in Myself) program is a 3-to-6-month life skills program for clients of Sagatay. The Apaenmowineen program helps you develop the skills you need to maintain stable housing, find employment, and build your community. The Apaenmowineen workshops include:

  • Healthy living
  • Drumming
  • Literacy and Employment
  • Community gardening at the Medicine Wheel Garden
  • Sharing circles
  • Financial literacy
  • Creative writing and Photography
  • Traditional teachings
  • Addictions programming
Clients participating in the Apaenmowineen program stay at Sagatay for one year. Once you complete the Apaenmowineen program, you can move to our affordable, long-term accommodation, O’Gitchidaa Mushkiki Wigwam (A Good Heart Medicine House).

Apply to Sagatay to get started (click the link below).