Advancement Opportunity Program


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Objective – Unemployed: this program combines employment, through a wage subsidy, and a training opportunity for an unemployed individual who would like to advance themselves and enhance their skills in their present occupation. Eligible individuals who are unemployed and who have an established field of work and have no opportunity for advancement/employment without additional training and related experience.

Objective – Employed: this program is most suitable for someone who would consider themselves “underemployed” in their field and would advance themselves through training and additional experience while on the job. Eligible individuals are those who are employed (full or part-time) but consider themselves “underemployed” and who would like to advance themselves.

Eligible Employers: Businesses, educational institutions, health facilities, community-based organizations, band councils.

Duration: To be negotiated.

Requirements for the Program: There is a requirement that the participant has a written assessment by an Employment Counselor. There is a requirement that the Employer provides a training/work plan that is assessed by the project officer prior to entering the contract. The employer is required to hire the participant upon satisfactory completion of the contract. There must also be an opportunity to replace any employee, who has advanced to a higher position, with an unemployed/underemployed Aboriginal person.

Eligible Financial Contributions:

  • Non-profit organizations can receive up to 100% of the prevailing wage rate and MERC.
  • For-profit organizations will have a negotiated wage rate up to 75% of the wage rate and MERC.
  • Negotiated course costs.
  • Negotiated employment supports such as child care, transportation.
  • Negotiated one-time participant support to a maximum of $250.
  • Negotiated special costs for access for alter-abled participants.